Tier 1 (General)

This scheme is now closed for new applications and extensions; however it is still possible to apply for settlement through existing Tier 1 (General) applications as long as you can demonstrate sufficient earnings needed to extend over the last twelve months prior to application.

Applications for settlement through Tier 1 (General) route will no longer be accepted after 5th April 2018.


Points are awarded in four different areas; Age, Education, Previous Earnings and UK experience.

Age at time of Original Application

Under 29 years of age 20 points
30-34 years of age 10 points
35-39 years of age 5 points

Evidence required: Passport – (For overseas applicants copy if the passport will verify the age for the purpose of compiling the application).


PhD 45 points
Masters Degree 35 points
Bachelors Degree 30 points

Evidence Required: Not required as used to obtain original approval


Claiming points for a single consecutive 12 month period from the 15 months prior to the application being made.

£25,000 - 29,999 5 points
£30,000 – 34,999 15 points
£35,000 – 39,999 20 points
£40,000 – 49,999 25 points
£50,000 – 54,999 30 points
£55,000 – 64,999 35 points
£65,000 – 74,999 40 points
75,000 – 149,999 45 points
£150,000 or above 75 points

Evidence Required: you will need to corroborate your earning through two independent forms of evidence (Normally 12 months pay slips and bank statements)

UK Experience

Either by obtaining your Degree or earning a salary in excess of £25,000 over the last 12 months in the United Kingdom - 5 Points.

English Language

Not required as documentation would have been provided with original application.


If you are applying from within the United Kingdom, the balance must show that you have had at least £800 in your account at all times over the last three-months prior to application. Dependants require an additional £533 to support each dependant as well as the funds needed for the main applicant.

Farley & Associates are experienced at assessing your ability to qualify and providing specialist advice and assistance with the management and processing of your in country application.

Advantages of the Scheme